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  • Mobile Device Management Solution

    AgenewTech MDM/EMM enables you to manage any AER device including smartphones, tablets and dedicated devices remotely. It makes device management easy and centralized, from devices initial configuration and configuration updates, through to the daily monitoring of devices usage. By configuring on EMM console, IT admins can apply management policies on mobile devices to make customizations for different business scenarios in a seamless and secure way.

    The there core functions to escort mobile business

    Application Management

    Mobile Device Management

    Policy Management


    Agenew EMM is a mobile device management platform, such as smartphones and tablets, developed in the cloud to allow your company, regardless of size, to take maximum advantage of mobility. Development professionals can also benefit from the solution, using MDM resources available to create more robust and efficient applications.

    Comprehensive Management for Android Enterprise

    AGENEW EMM offers enhanced Android device management, including rich device and app controls and end-to-end secure connectivity.

    Efficiently deploy fully managed company owned devices, employee-owned devices with work profile, and dedicated single use devices

    Simplify device enrollment without the need for a managed Google Play? Account

    Set an enterprise password for the Android work profile independent of the personal side of the device

    Use a rich set of policy options to enforce compliance with enterprise standards

    Extend seamless, secure behind-the-firewall enterprise connectivity for Android

    Monitor use, manage applications and more

    Monitor battery, memory and data consumption. See installed applications, install or remove applications remotely. Count on lock to block and wipe to remotely erase data.

    Custom launcher for Android devices

    Create a whitelist and make it visible to users only the applications authorized by the company. Block access to settings and increase the security of your devices in a custom interface with your brand.

    Application Scenarios

    One-stop business solution

    Enterprise, operators, schools, hotels, hospital, police, logistics and others can perfect response Makes it possible to manage your company's mobile device, know the location of your external team, update work applicatons and much more, providing more agility and security to your business.

    • Supermarket
    • Hotel
    • School
    • Hospital
    • Logistics
    • Others